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Planning a limited remodel on my living room.  It is relatively long and narrow 25'x13'.  At one end is a fireplace flanked by two doors to the outside.  The other end has a built-in window seat flanked by built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.


Plan is to wall-mount a 60" LG over fireplace with all components located in window seat at the other end of the room.  Will be putting a power outlet in behind the tv, and it will be easy to run multiple wires back there, because we are ripping out and replacing the mantle.  Below the floor is a garage with a tiled ceiling, so it will be easy to run wires from the tv, behind the new mantle, under the floor, to the window seat, and up the shelves.


My question is about speakers.  Wife wants them concealed or inconspicuous.  I want them relatively crisp and loud (to a non-audiophile).  We both want them relatively cheap.


Because of the doors on either side of the fireplace, there isn't a good spot to put separate in-wall L/C/Rs in front.  My thought is to mount a soundbar on or directly under the bottom of the tv, and wire it to a receiver in the window seat, which can also be wired to rear speakers and a subwoofer.  I think the shelves are the ideal spot for these rear speakers, but the wife says they must be white if they sit on the shelves, and she would prefer them to be mounted in the wall or ceiling.  Problem is, the ceiling is a pitched/vaulted ceiling, so I don't think in-ceiling speakers would look right.  We could put the rears in the side walls, but that would add to the job quite a bit of hole-cutting and trickier wiring.  Ceiling mounts would be most tricky.


Soooo, can anyone recommend a decent component list for a soundbar that can be wired to a receiver and coupled with white shelf-sitting rears or in-wall rears and a subwoofer (which can easily be wired, preferred to be white), with total for speakers and receiver in the realm of $600-1000?  I think I am going with the Sony STR-DN840 for the receiver, going for about $450 on amazon.


My main sources will be Roku (netflix, amazon, slingbox) and OTA antenna.  Possibly will add Bluray and cable/dish box in future, but I've been very pleased with these sources and not paying a monthly bill to the TWC monster except for internet.


Thanks in advance.
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