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Hi all,

I am looking at installing a new wall mount 42" LCD TV in my bedroom (which one? that is another post in the tv forum
). I was looking at the review of the Polk Audio Surroundbar 360 in HT magazine. It appears that it has everything one would need except the lack of a BlueRay player and lossless audio inputs. Not that those are biggies, but are there any other similar products out there that have those features?


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Originally Posted by Johnsteph10 /forum/post/15517220

Why a soundbar?

They cannot provide a decent audio experience.

He may be considering a soundbar because this is for a bedroom setup. And they CAN provide a decent audio experience, especially when coupled with a subwoofer, which IS part of the setup he is considering. Regardless of "why?", it sounds like he wants a soundbar solution.

paramr, with these sorts of all-in-one solutions you are sort of at the mercy of the manufacturer as far as what features you get. If you want particular features you may want to consider a setup that allows you that sort of flexibility. The Yamaha soundbars are powered soundbars, but do not have inboard DVD players, which would allow you to use an outboard BR player, which would actually be smaller than the head unit of that Polk setup. The YSP series do not include a subwoofer. It looks like Air Surround setups do include a subwoofer.

Yamaha YSP series

Yamaha Air Surround

Here are a couple of internet direct companies that offer similar all-in-one type products.



If you can consider using an outboard receiver and player, then there are several non-powered soundbars available. But most of these do not offer the special "surround" technologies that the Polk and Yamaha setups offer. A non-powered soundbar that has always impressed me, though, was the Mirage Uni-theater .

I do not think that anyone is offering a powered soundbar that can decode the lossless codecs. With a soundbar, though, that is probably not really a big deal. The ability to use a BR player for your video, though, is probably pretty important to you. Too bad that Polk doesn't offer a BR capable soundbar. Otherwise, that looks like a pretty nice setup for your needs.
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