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soundbar width

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Does anyone know of a decent soundbar that is 24 inches or less in width? I'd like to put it in the space where my current center channel resides. It seems most soundbars are 3 feet or more in width.

My tv & stereo system are in built in cabinets so I'm kind of limited with space. The main reason I'd like to switch to a soundbar is to simulate surround sound since it just isn't practical for conventional surround speakers in this room.

Thanks for the help.
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Have you considered going to one of the 2.1 type systems that simulate surround sound? I know denon, bose and sony all make them (I'm sure a few others do also)

The denon S302 is a nice sounding system, not sure how well it would work with the speakers horizontal though.
I haven't. My current set up is a 5.1 system but no surround speakers. My goal was to get something that simulates the surround since rear speakers just won't happen in that room.

I was told sound bars do this. Is that the same thing as a 2.1?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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