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all I'm interested in (no games) is 80% 5.1 output for movies etc and 20% 2 channel music

fairly decent 5.1 setup (Pioneer 2011 Elite amp, Tannoy revolution speakers, and SVS-PCU-13)

Pioneer has tonnes of grunt - amplification stage is great - but DACs are rather poor sounding IMO - this is the area I'd like to improve upon, by taking 5.1 analogue from soundcard into the multichannel input on the amp

does it matter that on both cards the L/R op-amps are different from the centre one ? Does this effect the tonality across the front stage ?

thanks for any advice - itching to get one or the other

the price difference here is not really a factor, Xfi Prelude is a bit more expensive, but only about 20% or so
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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