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Soundcard: current best 2 channel analogue output?

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Hey all,

Just put together a new PC and the onboard sound is completely rediculous. Does anyone have a recommendation for very clean output to my studio monitors (Mackie HR-824's) that are nearfield?

I see that the X-fi gamer will upsample stereo to 24/192 with a S/N of 109 but I'm a bit afraid of creative..... Both my M-Audio Delta and Firewire 410 are too noisy in such a close and detailed environment.....

Thanks a bunch,

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I read a favorable review of this $200 Stereo-Link external USB DAC:


Interesting stuff. Anyone heard these?
The DIGI96/8 PAD is an excellent card, crystal clear sound, I have one and use it exclusively for stereo music via ASIO. However it has been recently discontinued so they are hard to get, they have been replaced by the RME Hammerfall DSP 9632 and although I have had no hands on with the Hammerfall I have only heard good things about it.

If you want state of the art then you might want to wait for the RME HDSPe 9632 PCI Express card to be released.
You could use a X-Meridian and just change the first opamp to a LM4562 if you want improved stereo sound. The X-Meridian is pretty much untouchable in it's price range.
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