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Soundgraph IMON Graphic Equalizer not working $30 fix

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I've been banging my head forever trying to get the Graphics EQ working on my Silverstone LC10 HTPC case.

Here is the solution.

Go buy (or borrow) a cheap A2DP capable USB bluetooth dongle. Install it.

Now, go into the IMON Manager, pick FRONTVIEW and change your source from your computer's soundcard to the bluetooth audio.

Your front Graphics EQ will now work for ALL SYSTEM SOUNDS.

You do not even need to keep the USB bluetooth dongle plugged in.
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This has never worked for me either on my Silverstone LC14. I've even used two different soundcards. I'll borrow a bluetooth dongle and see if it works.
My EQ didn't work from the day I built the computer (3 or 4 years ago).

It still won't work for something like a movie played in powerdvd where your audio output is SPDIF direct to a receiver w/ no processing by the on board audio card in your PC. But for all other system sounds (music, windows sounds ect) it will work.
I just got a bluetooth keyboard/mouse. After plugging in the bluetooth antenna, the graphic equalizer started working. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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