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Soundproofing Apt. Ceiling

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Hi Guys,

This is my 1st post, so hope it's in the right place--if not, please tell me and I'll delete it and repost....

After a lot of internet searching and watching youtube vids, I seem to have found the best site right here, and I would appreciate any advice you might offer on my project.

I am rehabbing 2 downstairs apts (750 sq ft each) after a water main break, and thought this would be my only opportunity to do some much-needed soundproofing.

The plan:

1. Install Roxul between all joists, now that we've removed the old ceiling;
1A. Install Roxul in walls so sound from upstairs doesn't "flank" the ceiling;
2. Lower all electrical fixtures so they're flush with the new ceiling;
2A. Use acoustical putty on electrical fixtures;
3. Install "hat channel" (not sure which one);
4. Install clips (not sure which ones);
5. Install layer 1 regular drywall;
6. Use Green Glue on layer 2 drywall;
7. Install layer 2 drywall
7A. Use Green Glue tape.
8. Plaster and paint.



1. Does the firring (see pics) need to be removed?
2. Which channel should I use?
3. Which clips should I use? Ted has Whisper Clips and some others on his site, and Green Glue has their own...
4. What do I seem to be missing?

Thank you!



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