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Soundproofing, looking for Canadian advice?

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Well, it's hard to believe but the design phase of my build is nearing completion. I'll post some picks of what I have in mind soon. If there's one thing I've learned about lurking around this site is that the advise given is always well received and trusted.

So, I ran through the final design with the wife, a design that I have been working through for well over a year. Happy to say she is starting to shift from tolerating me to really starting to welcome the idea. As I'm standing up ready to call it a night she turned around and threw a curve ball, "I'm not going to hear it upstairs am I?". Damn, back to the drawing board to incorporate soundproofing.

I've settled on clips and channel for the 3 existing walls and ceiling and will likely decouple the new 4th wall. Days of reading and I think I'm there until I stumble on a thread talking about HVAC. Looking at the rough drawing attached there is a cold air return running from the rear of the room, through the area behind the screen and into the viewing space, hence the large soffit above the screen. Question number 1: I'm hooped here aren't I? Do I need to be considering removing both the cold air return and heating vent from within the isolated room try to circulate the air instead? To the title of the thread, I live in Alberta Canada, i.e. freakn' cold winters. I know this is nearly impossible to answer 100% but is this a viable option for me or will I end up with an unbearably cold room in the winter; the room is in the basement.

If the overwhelming recommendation is yes question 2: The room backs into the over-sized mechanical room. My thought was to pipe air into the room through the soffit on the left of the drawing venting into the front of the room and removing air through the soffit on the right of the drawing venting at the front of the room. One of the soffits will contain duct work so it will not be part of the isolated room therefore I am assuming the piping into and out of the room is fine for soundproofing. I intend to use some sort of quiet fan attached to the flex vent installed outside of the isolated room. Any thoughts on this approach? Admittedly I have done little to no reading on the subject so I'm sure this has been done before. I hope my explanations make some sense. My thoughts on the fan are preliminary so please be kind :).


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See if these help:
http://www.avsforum.com/forum/19-dedicated-theater-design-construction/1509173-soundproofing-master-thread-23.html post 920


or check with one of your homeys here: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/61-ar...8274-calgary-alberta-canada-get-together.html
Figured the idea had to be out there already. Thanks, more reading!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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