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My old htpc didn't have an hdmi cable so I hooked up the DVI to the HDMI of the receiver, and the optical out to the reciever as well.

I built a new htpc, and since my receiver is old, it didn't support 3D HDMI. So I had to hookup the HDMI to the projector directly, and connect the optical out to the reciever.

I just received my new Denon 4311CI today and hooked it up just via hdmi and told windows to use the HDMI as default.

I can do the sound test in the panel, and it works great. I can play mkv files with windows media player, everything still works great.

I fired up Windows Media Center, no sound. When I go to the setup, and try to setup the speakers and run the test, windows media center just hangs. While navigating around media center, there are no sounds. When I go to play an mkv in media browser, once the movie starts, I hear it fine in HD-DTS even.

Also, when I go to play a blu ray iso (through TMT 5 as an external player), the menu screens give me no sound either, but when starting the movie, again, I hear sound fine.

Anyone have any clue what it could be?

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