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Sourcing audio from TV.

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Hi all new here, really enjoying all the info thats on this forum.

I'm hoping this is in the correct spot, my question does deal with audio.

I'm currently looking for a new TV it's going to be LCD and NTSC/ATSC/QAM. What i'm wondering about is the audio coming from that TV. I have a JVC RX-7032V Receiver, probably not the best thing but it's done everything i'v wanted it to do so far. I will of course want to pipe the audio from the TV to the receiver this is easy with my current TV a simple set of RCA plugs does it. However i believe that ATSC has 5.1 audio? I know LCD (most) have ether the optical or coaxial jacks, the receiver has inputs for both. Would i be correct in assuming that all audio from the NTSC/ATSC/QAM would come out this connector regardless of whether it's an SD or HD channel?

Part 2 of my question would be what formate are this signals coming out in? I want to make sure my receiver would be able to handle them. it can do dts, and Dolby Digital, then Linear PCM which i guess is digital stereo.

I hope this all makes some sense.
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1. If the TV has an ATSC tuner, it should also have an optical output for Dolby Digital. You can't use RCA cables to get anything more than Stereo.

2. HDTV broadcasts are in Dolby Digital.
The digital out from the TV will definitely work for the OTA (ie ATSC). It will be DD since that is the only standard. You will probably not get anything out of the digital out for NTSC and I'm not sure about the QAM (let us know if you try it).

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