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Southaven MS 55" samsung calib help

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Hey people.

Serious Newb here, we recenetly moved and during the move it seems my colors are off on my tv...my red's and greens are not aligned now and they separate ever so slightly.

I've tried to contact several places locally that are on a list here : edit....well...it won't let me post the url incase i'm a spammer (no big deal) you get the idea.

With no response to my calls or emails.

I know I've seen a couple of guys on this forum in my area and am hoping for some mercy and assistance...or at least a phone number to somebody that actually has the know-how and machines to do this properly.

Just a simple set up...please help if you can, pic attached for basic reference.
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30 hours later hoping for some input just a polite bump for my own good...thank you!

Have you tried Gulf Coast Audio Video Calibration at Tel 228.547.1336? They're in Biloxi.
Thanks for the reply...unfortunatly thats about 5 hours or more away, Southaven MS is right on the boarder of Memphis TN. As far north as you can get in MS.

Got any other places to look from?
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