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I currently have a Mac Mini that I'm just using a file server and video player hooked up to my projector. A few months ago, I realized I could offload it and the 1 TB external drive hooked up to it and build a new server/HTPC and a more modern and and flexible machine that was contained in a single enclosure. I also recently got rid of my HD Homerun, since I really found it to be worthless for my needs.

I am thinking of getting some cheaper case with 120 mm fan options and lots of room for storage, something like a CM RC-69, Centurion 590,Stacker 830, 810 Elite RC-330. I still need to work out the case details. I would then add a lower end quad core like the Q6600, 2 GB RAM, and at least 4 large hard drives, a simple IR receiver, and possibly my extra copy of Vista Ultimate (beta test gift).

The big delima I've been having is whether or not it would be better to use Vista or Windows Server 2003 Standard (of which I also have an extra copy of). I really like the idea of being able to put a RAID 5 set together for the bulk data for reliability's sake and not being constrained by separate volumes, but wonder if by using WS 2003 I'm going to regret that decision later.

With Vista, I'm able to use the server also as a media player which is certainly nice for the times when I don't want to have to turn on the PS3 to stream video.

I also wonder if how something like SageTV would work instead of Vista Media Center so I could get the best of both options.

I've been doing tons of reading on this forum, but I would still appreciate any input you all have for my situation. Thanks.
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