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SP4805 Firmware upgrade to increase lumens

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I wish to say greetings and salutations .

While lurking in the dark for the past two months I have been drinking information from all of you , making all my home theater purchases go flawlessly . And for this I wish to say ,,,,,, thank you all .

My end results are a sp4805 with a 100 inch electric elitescreen .

The picture has been like new sex every night .

I did have a problem with the sp4805 while using progressive on the DVD player , and after 2 maybe 3 hours of elevator music ,scott (a tech from infocus) answered the phone, explaining there may have been a problem with my color wheel .

Infocus has sent me a new unit ( trouble free ). fixing the problem.

During this hole episode with scott a conversation came up about firmware for the sp4805.

HE had gone on about the newer 1.13 firmware upgrades.

So I had asked what to expect in the sp4805 firmwares future .

And believe it or not his answer was,,, more light ( lumens ) was to be expected .

Can this be possible ?? how can you gain more ( lumens ) from simple firmware upgrades .??

I PERSONALLY THINK scott needs a vacation but I have heard stranger things .

Thanks for any info on this matter and again

Cheers and thank you all .

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Originally posted by MurphyAgain
anyone ,????? .

Hey Murph, saw your post regarding firmware upgrades. I'm currently running the latest v.1.1.3 I was also curious as to what we may expect from future firmware upgrades.

A few days ago I tried calling the Infocus techs to see if they could answer a few questions, but gave up after being on hold for 45 minutes! I just emailed them today regarding future upgrades and to see if the next firmware upgrade will address some of the issues such as "dark scene flicker". Hopefully I'll have a response within the next 2 days.
Murph, hop on over to the official 4805 thread. Just got a response from Infocus.

Originally posted by DeerHunter
Murph, hop on over to the official 4805 thread. Just got a response from Infocus.


I'm dusting off the tassels on the old pogo stick and heading over .

Thanks , DeerHunter
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The post just says what they tell everybody who upgrades and finds the flicker problem. In the end they say very little, give no timetable, just a glimmer of hope for a future fix. I was told the same thing a few weeks before they said it again, I suspect it's a canned response they give to anybody who asks the question.

We already know that they'll fix it, we want to know when they will fix it. I don't blame them for not saying when, that's standard policy for many companies. For myself I downloaded the old firmware and flashed back, no way could I put up with those flashes, drove me nuts.

I would say that technically I think they could increase light output if they're not allowing full output. But why would they do so? We already know for, I think, 100 lumens more the fan needs to be in high speed, so if they up it even more you'll just reduce bulb life even more so and have to put up with a loud fan. I don't think they'll make it brighter.
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