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Sp4805 To In72

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Has anyone upgrade from an SP4805 to the New IN72? Is it worth the upgrade or should I just stick with the SP4805.
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two digital inputs. slightly better contrast ratio (may not see it), sealed optics. it's really a tossup. the in72 is a great projector, but chances are the cost benefit may not be there for you. the 4805 is a great projector too. if you were coming from any other 480p i'd say go for it, it would be a no brainer. i'd save your money and make a bigger jump. just my opinion though. however if your lamp is dead or near dead on the 4805 it wouldn't cost all that much more to just pick up an in72 these days.
I just recently upgraded to an IN72 from the 4805 and am very glad I did. The picture is brighter and the colors are even more vivid than the 4805. There also seems to be better contrast. But best of all, the projector is MUCH quieter.

At current prices, with the rebate, it is crazy not to upgrade. Plus you will get a one year warranty and a fresh bulb to go along with it. Also, I just sold my 4805 on eBay and made up most of the cost of upgrading.

My recommendation is to upgrade. You won't regret it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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