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Space on TBS - In Development

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Jake Lacy & Krysta Rodriguez To Headline TBS Pilot ‘Space’; Ally Maki, Caleb Hearon & Rachel Pegram Also Cast

By Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: Jake Lacy (Being The Ricardos) and Krysta Rodriguez, who is getting attention for her role as Liza Minelli on Netflix’s Halston, have been tapped as the leads of TBS’ scripted romantic-comedy pilot, Space, written and executive produced by Hilary Winston and executive produced by Nick Stoller of Stoller Global Solutions.

Ally Maki (Wrecked), Caleb Hearon (Fargo) and Rachel Pegram (Love Life) also have been cast as series regulars in the pilot, which Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul (Miracle Workers: Dark Ages) have been tapped to direct and executive produce. Produced by Sony Pictures Television for TBS, Space begins shooting in Portland in June.

Space, described as a hilarious, romantic Quantum Leap, follows Rob (Lacy) and Marin (Rodriguez), a long-term couple on the verge of a break-up who are granted the ultimate space to figure out their future when they suddenly begin jumping into the bodies of other couples.

Lacy’s Rob is a nice guy everyone loves to get a beer with, but who has no idea what he wants. Rodriguez is Marin, his lovably eager girlfriend who hasn’t yet accepted she’s an adult. Their relationship’s reckoning happens during their friend Priscilla’s (Maki) wedding, after Priscilla fights off intense cold feet to dive into commitment, causing their other friends, Jesse (Hearon) and Hannah (Pegram) to question Rob and Marin’s chronic avoidance of marriage.

Lacy is repped by UTA and Beth Rosner Management. Rodriguez is repped by Paradigm and Authentic Talent, Literary Management. Maki is repped by A3 Artists Agency, Haven Entertainment and Gang Tyre. Hearon is repped by Mosaic, CAA, and Jackoway Austen Tyerman. Pegram is repped by Mosaic, Artists & Representative, and Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz. Mogel and Paul are repped by UTA and Mosaic.

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Romantic, I'll pass.

Hilarious, pass again.

Why can't they just make a sci-fi show that is about sci-fi and not the crap that populates most shows on the major networks now. Why does every show need a romantic interest? I don't need a soap opera in space.

Jumping in bodies sounds ok but not original, everything else is brutal.
Why can't they just make a sci-fi show that is about sci-fi and not the crap that populates most shows on the major networks now.
Well, I think you answered your own question. It populates most shows because that is what the general public likes. Networks rarely if ever give enough time to let any "pure sci fi" shows develop and gather a meaningful following. So we get what we get unfortunately. I don't mind a bit of romance either if done well honestly. But while I will give this show a shot, it doesn't sound like something that I might like too much, or that might stick around for any length of time. The bottom line for me is I will try any type of new sci fi, and at least see how well it's done.
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