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Spacial Considerations

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Hello All.

I have been looking at getting HDTV's and also the possibility of getting a projector instead a normal display. The space I use for viewing video is multi - purpose and a bit unusual. Here are the specifics

a) The ceiling is rather low. around 82" (inches) high. That is right - less than 7 feet.

b) The walls are painted an off white, but the windows are small and can easily be blocked to lower the ambient light.

c) The viewing distance would most likely be 12 to 13 feet. The unit could be placed a bit farther back if necessary.

d) I do not see a good space for the unit except to flush mount it on the ceiling. As I said, it's a multi purpose room, and to do otherwise would detract from the room's utility.

e) The space for the viewing screen would most likely max out at 80 or 90 inches on the diagonal.

People have raved about the optoma 72 HD but I am not sure if it would work in my spacial requirements. Do you think it would? if not what other systems would you reccomend?


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My projector room in basement has a ceiling height of only 80". My screen top is almost to the ceiling, and my center channel speaker is under the screen. You should get a PJ with a small image offset to minimize keystone, or with vertical lens shift(due to low ceiling). Do you want a HD projector, and what is your budget?
I was hoping to get an HD projector. I have been seeing the Panny Ae900U and the Optoma come in under $2K and I was seriously thinking about them.
Forget the HD72. You need a projector with lens shift. The panasonic 900u and the sanyo z4 are your best bets.
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