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DIY Granddad (w/help)
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It might well work with enough diffusion.

Honestly, done correctly, the use of a Mirror and a very Dark Silver Fire has already shown incredible ability to ward off the effect of ambient light. We have achieved gain levels far in excess of 3-4.0, but not without the caveats such higher gain surface present.

Because of the darkness of the paint, less paint can be applied to effect enough coverage to mute the Projector Lamp's Hot Spot.

The application can be adjustable, using more or less Reflective elements to increase surface gain beyound that with the underlying Mirror affords, or reducing such to keep a wider viewing cone w/reduced Graininess.

All of which is only remotely related to the topic of Spandex over a Mirror, but essentially the Spandex is serving as Paint, so trying first 2 layers, then 3, all only lightly stretched, might get'ter dun.

I'm trying to conjure up any recollection of a similar application. It seems that there was / is one, but the timing and particulars escape me at present. I do beleive that someone tried Mylar....but that is only a "belief"...not a definate answer.

However, I am certain that the best effect would be had using a 2nd Surface Mirror. 1st Surface reflectivity is extremely hard to govern, and that is why a few of those aspiring to "Black Screens" are using rear surfaces that are reflective Black examples, not mirrored Aluminum or Mylar.
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