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"Sparkle" on the center of the screen...

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Hi from Québec Canada every one !

I have a Draper Cineperm 119" fixed screen with the M1300 fabric. My projector is a Sony "Pearl" VPL-VW50 ISF calibrated.

See the link in my signature to see my installation.

Here my problem:

When the scene is very brilliant, the center of the picture has a texture which I do not like... difficult to describe... but it is not smooth... uniform.

I have a chance to change my screen. I would like to have the best possible screen for my Sony and I want especially take off this effect ! I like the picture more naturaly as possible !

I will want to pay the same price is approximately 1000$ for one 120"(thus the stewart G3 is excluded ).

Which screen you advise to me ?

Elite ?

Carada ?

An other ?

Thank you!
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The carada screens are supposed to be very smooth with no visible texture on the screen. You only see the image itself and not the screen.
I'm going with a Carada screen because I am particularly sensitive to seeing a screen's structure. The Carada screen samples I received look "invisible" to me, with a projected image. I think some other neutral gain screens from other manufacturers may also achieve this. But once you start adding coatings to achieve some more screen gain, artifacts tend to start rearing their head. However, the Carada Brilliant White material is a rare screen with some decent gain (1.4) that manages to still look completely smooth and free of artifacts.

No screen is without compromises. I'll have to have some better ambient light control with the Carada screen than I would with, say, a Stewart Firehawk gray screen. But it's always something....
Thanks you guys !

I will try the Carada brillant white...in hope it have no screen artifact ! I don't want to see screen I want to watch movie !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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