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so I want to hook my TV up to my older amp. (it's an LCD)  

problem is the amp is only analog inputs (it's old as ****)



analog out, HDMI out, component HD out, or toslink out



SPDIF OUT ONLY (****ing sanyo)


INPUT receiver has, ANALOG L/R (red white) ONLY


so i'm looking for a decent


(TV OUT) SPDIF -> ANALOG L/R converter (Receiver/amp)


I saw a few of these cheap ones on places like monoprice (since you guys love that place) and ebay

but I heard some things about really bad sound quality.


also is there a brand out there that makes one of these that DOES NOT REQUIRE A POWER SOURCE?




1: Do these DAC units reduce audio quality to such a level that it is not a good idea to run a home theater/sound bar through one? (ie: buy a new tv with HDMI out, and a new receiver with HDMI in, you poor****)


2: is there a DAC (cheap not one of the $999 firefly tube ones) that does not require a power source? passive, no need to run it into the wall? or even USB powered so it's only on when my computer is on.


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