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SPDIF to HK AVR 7200

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I hope that someone could hopefully help me here.

I have a HTPC,with ATI8500DV(with the dongle,on which there is a S/P-DIF output).

I connected this ouput to my Harman Kardon 7200 digital input,through a 75 ohm coaxial cable.

When playing a DVD in TheaterTek,I pick SPDIF as the ouput type,and the ATI cinesonic SPDIF as the ouput device.

Then,the Amp sees the signal as digital as the LED next to digital lights up.

However, the image freezes 2-3 second or so,and at the same time,I hear a "interference"("pppsssschhhittt" like) noise through the speakers connected to the Amp.

And of course,no sound or music at all time.

I do not know what to explore.The DVD player software seems to send out a digital signal through the S/P-DIF port,but the amp is not able to decode it properly..

I would appreciate a little help ;)

Thanks in advance,
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Man,this topic dropped like a stone:(

I forgot to mention that the freeze period with the rather disturbing noise happens on a periodic basis,approximately 3 seconds.
No one to help? I'm about to do this too but have no idea if it will work. I just did a search on ATI and SPDIF and I only get a few threads...
I finally went for a Phillips aurilium($99) and it is working perfectly.

Again,one of the ATI features that is not supported as advertised..Not a first.,..
the ****** spdif on the ati only works with ati's ghey dvd player software...
Originally posted by bionicjay
the ****** spdif on the ati only works with ati's ghey dvd player software...
Proprietarianism - I just can't see George W. saying that. Especially when he says Yabba Dabba Doo instead of Abu Ghraib prison. ;)
That's what's messed up with the ATI stuff.Apparently plenty of features,but when you buy it,you figure out it does not work and the next thing you know is you have to F**** $19.95 /call for tech support (which I don't as we have this cool forum nad knowledgeable people).

I have to admit that if I could find an alternative to ATI next time I upgrade my video card,I won't hesitate.
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