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Unlike the ASUS MB not including the SPDIF/Toslink "adapter", my Soyo

Fire Dragon did come with it. But I'm having problems getting it going...

My DVD->Receiver Digital Audio currently uses Toslink (optical). So, I

simply disconnected the optical cable at the DVD end and plugged it

in to the Toslink Out - or at least I tried to. No matter what I tried, I

just couldn't get the optical cable to insert far enough into the plug on

the Adapter.

Anybody else have this problem?

So I next tried the SPDIF (rca) connection. This time, a light on my

Receiver indicating "Error/Overload" lit up. In case it matters, my

Receiver is a Denon AVR-3200.

I've heard it said before that there's SPDIF and then there's "SPDIF" :(

I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the SPDIF OUT on the Soyo "adapter"

puts out a 5V signal while the SPDIF IN on the Receiver expects a 1V


Sound familiar?

Any help would be appreciated...

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Try rotating your optical plug 90 degrees and plugging it in. I have a fire dragon and the optical and SPDIF outputs work. The problem I have with the digital outputs is that activity on the computer seems to cause a lot of glitching of the output signals. I finally disabled the onboard audio and stuck a sound card in to replace it.

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What DVD/player are you using?

I have the Soyo Fire Dragon w/CMI8738

W2k/SP2->WinDVD3.1-> S/PDIF passthru DD/DTS

First get the Latest Drivers at CMI8738 drivers

Then be advised C-Media setup menu's for

S/PDIF in/output specify #1 and #2 ports

these relate to #1=Optical and #2=Coaxial

So mark them accordingly

I am using the Coax output -> 25foot RG6 cable w/gold F connectors & F->RCA gold adapters.

Accustic Research Video Cable, but any good RG6 quad shielded cable should do.

Sony STR-DA777ES receiver gets S/PDIF on coax and operates just FINE

Also if you are using ATI's DVDplayer....U won't get DD/DTS

they only pass DD thru their own connector

Although someone here has said they got DD/DTS from 7.6ver player??

But I can't do it

PS.. Some Toslink Optical cables come with little PROTECTORS on Fiber Cable end

......U need to REMOVE the Protector before inserting into Toslink Plug, tried mine fits OK

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Rotating optical plug 90 degrees was tried. Only one (of the 4

rotations) "goes in" at all - it just doesn't go in all the way. I

can get it in far enough into the SPDIF IN, just not the SPDIF OUT

(which is, of course, what I need to do for connection to the Receiver).


Windows Update also successfully updated the drivers from what came

on the Soyo CD.

The "Audio Rack" (including the "Mixer") app(s) were no different on

the C-Media Driver Download site (I tried both them and what came

on the Soyo CD). The MixerApp->Advanced page simply does not

look like what is described in the Soyo Manual. Where the Manual

says I should be able to select SPDIF OUT #1 or SPDIF OUT #2, the

MixerApp->Advanced page only allows the selection between (5V)

Toslink and (0.5V) Co-ax/RCA on the SPDIF IN :-( [I know 5V doesn't

pass on the optical cable :); the 5V is used to power the optics...]

Sounds like you went with Co-ax to your Sony - is the Sony "tolerant"

of a 5V Co-ax Digital Audio input? Apparently my Denon is not :-(

Thanks for the heads up on ATI's DVDplayer. I was actually using

ZoomPlayer but, as I understand it, ZP uses the actual "back-end"

of whatever DVDplayer S/W is installed/selected - and, in my case,

it is indeed ATI's....

Re the Toslink Optical cables having protectors - I was bit by that

back when I first "went optical"... In fact, I actually "tore" the

protector trying (in vein) to "cram it in" with the protector still installed.

I thought I had just destroyed the expensive cable :)

Thanks for the tips... I still am trying to find a version of the MixerApp

which gives the control (over Toslink/SPDIF) of the SPDIF OUT port.

Apparently both ports are "driven" simultaneously and all you are

selecting is the Voltage level sent to the "adapter". And I can't find a

way to knock it down from 5V to the 0.5V expected by the Denon (and

most other Co-ax Digital Audio gear).

I just can't trust the documentation I have. At one point it claims the

SPDIF IN is "auto sensing", but at others requires one to select between

them. This will come into play when my MyHD card arrives and I attempt

to "pass-thru" (via Co-ax Digital "loopback") the (Co-ax only) Digital Audio

from the MyHD thru the C-Media.

Or will I have better luck breaking down and getting an M-Audio Dio or

Audiophile :-( Some have suggested in the ASUS MB with the same

C-Media that the M-Audio was the way to go for a number of reasons.

Many had difficulty getting the "adapter" (which fortunately was supplied

in-the-box with the Soyo even though ASUS chose to exclude it). But one

poster mentioned the C-Media was very prone to dropouts on his ASUS

and he would recommend ditching it. At only $22 for a PCI card holding

the C-Media and connectors, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's

quality is suspect :-(

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More data on selecting between 5V and 0.5V (#1 and #2) on SPDIF OUT...

I forgot to mention that I was able to get (stereo, not 5.1) to pass thru

the RCA at apparently 0.5V levels on the SPDIF OUT to the Receiver by:

- selecting 2-channel stereo on the Speakers Tab

- selecting Enable SPDIF OUT on the Speakers Tab

- selecting SPDIF IN #2

Note that by selecting SPDIF IN #2, it seemed to have the additional

effect of selecting the SPDIF OUT #2 I had wanted. Maybe that's what

they intend. But it does suggest that I might have a problem if I wanted

to use, say, Toslink IN and Co-ax OUT (or visa versa).

I now suspect that I'm not that far off from achieving 5.1 if, as Mouw

suggested, ATI's DVDplayer is somehow preventing the 5.1 transmission.

I'll try other players/versions...
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