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Speaker bridges?

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With making a 4 way connection on the rear of speakers, is it better to use the brass link bridge or not? From some reason just popped in my head ....
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Not quite sure what you mean by a 4-way connection, but...

Either you use a 2 wire ("normal" speaker wire) connection with the jumpers, or you remove the jumpers and use a 4 wire bi-wire connection.

If you are going to bi-amp the speakers, then the jumpers MUST be removed or it's very likely your amplifier/receiver will be damaged.
"or you remove the jumpers and use a 4 wire bi-wire connection."

That was what I was looking for, my jumpers are off on my 4 bi-ware connection, Thanks!
Don't you know why you are using 4 wires rather than 2? If you leave the jumpers, you are not making use of the 4 wire connections. In any case, it will make little or no difference whether you use the jumpers or not.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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