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I got some Belden 1810A - a 4-core 14-ga twisted speaker cable with a black PVC sheath, intended for use with Neutrik Speakon connectors - with some recently purchased speakers. I'm using it in a bi-wire connection mode, since the speakers' designer (Colin Whatmough) recommends bi-wire for the speakers. (He also recommends the cable, for those who can't afford or won't buy Tara speaker cables.)

I was looking for other people's opinion about this cable. While I'm happy with the cable, I'm looking to see if other people feel that it suffers from any major weaknesses in practical use. I wanted to go with a comparatively heavy cable because the HK receiver I have is a high-current design and will deliver 45A to each channel if needed.

Amp - Harman/Kardon AVR5500 (equivalent to US-market AVR520), speakers Whatmough Monitors Classic C31/C06, 4m runs to mains and 2m to centre.

Opinions, feedback?


- David Eddy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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