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The only option in my 16x14 living room where I can place the media equipment is in a 2ft deep media niche (9ftx4ft) above the fireplace, which starts at a height of 4ft from the ground.

So, my speakers are going to be at a height of 4ft (min). I may not be able to place a subwoofer (if I intend to use one) on the floor and will have to try and fit it inside the media nook at a height of 4ft, which may not be a wise choice and might even get me arrested by the audio police. So, I am looking for some advice and would greatly appreciate any help.

I listen to music (all kinds from classical to metal, children songs for my son, public radio, etc) and watch a few TV shows (online) and occasionally watch movies. (No HD content whatsoever)

I want to get a stereo receiver and pair of book shelves and use them for both music and movies, without a subwoofer.

My choices

Harman/Kardon HK3390 or HK3490(though this one delivers more power than I need)

Yamaha RX-497 (Would I miss the lack of an equalizer)

Or should I go for an AV receiver instead? (I don't have any HD displays or blueray players and don't need the 5 or 7 channels of sound)


B&W 685

Paradigm Titan Monitors

Focal 706V

Monitor Audio BR2

Ascend Sierra-1

Which if these speakers will deliver great sound for music and acceptable oomph for movies without a sub woofer?

Which is these speakers is the most forgiving when placed at a height of 4ft in a media nook?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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