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Speaker Choice..

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My first posting on your forum, not sure if it is the correct entry point but here goes;

System: Marantz SR-7500 AVR, Wharfedale x 4 rears as in 7.1, BA VRC center speaker,2 x Yamaha YST-160 subs,Pioneer DV-585A DVD player, Panasonic DMR-65 DVD Recorder, Philips projector, 6FT screen etcetera.

Question: I can only afford the VR 2's to go with the system to replace ageing Wharfedale Modus 1.3's(don't laugh). AV stuff is expensive in South Africa although we have many hi-end brands to choose from.

Is this a good choice given the fact that the room is 5 x 6meters and very well damped..?(maybe too much..)

Your comments/guidance out there is much appreciated.



South Africa
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if it sounds good to you, it's a good choice.

What other loudspeaker choices do you have? What is your budget? Von Schweikert has a comprehensive lineup, and there are other similar brands out there you might want to audition first.

What do you mean by an "overdamped" room? If there is a lot of absorption, you might want to go for more effecient speakers and adjust your room treatments (move furniture, heavy curtains, throw rugs, etc).

- Steve O.
i like vivid speakers from s africa
Hi, Lots of sound absorbing fabric, curtains,sofas, wall to wall carpeting. More to the point...will the BA VR2, VRC+Marantza SR7500 be a good choice (theoretically...)in your opinion..? Rears made up of Wharfedale Modus 100 x 2 + 2 x Wharfedale DFS dipoles...but they blend in well enough..o yes and 2 x Yamaha YST-160 subs placed parallel to front L + R's..


P.S. I cannot throw anything out otherwise i sit on floor, no privacy through windows...maybe vertical blinds or something..?
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