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speaker choice

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I am going to buy new speakers to use for home theater as well as music listening. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions as to which would be a better choice, the B&W cdm7 nt or the nautilus 805s? They will be used as my front/main speakers. Thanks
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Chuck, JMHO the 805N are a much better sounding speaker then the CDm7NT's... they are a much smoother more natural sounding set of speakers...


Thanks. Do you use the 805s in your system? If so, which kind of stands do you use?

I second the recommendation on the B&W Nautilus 805's...make sure you match them with a fast, accurate, and percise subwoofer...and you will have an excellent set-up.

As far as stands go...the B&W stands are the perfect match...but mucho expensive at $600 full retail. Try:

for a better idea on whats available.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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