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I have a wall that has 2 built-in areas, top for TV and bottom for audio equipment. The spaces are 47.75" wide and ~3' high and are separated with about 10" of wall space. The wall to the left of the opening sticks out from the "hole" about a foot so a speaker on that wall would be 1' in front of the center and right channels.

The TV I have leaves 3.92" of space on either side of the screen so I was wondering if anyone knew of any speakers that could sit on the sides of the TV that would still have good sound, look good with an LCD TV and not obstruct the view of the screen?

The other option is to put the L/C/R channels below the TV in the 10 x 48" space in the wall. Is this the better option?

Thanks for any help,


P.S. I will get some pictures if needed.
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