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Speaker choices.....

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Hi folks, I am almost finished setting up my basement, and part of it will be for my HT. I need a little help from you please. The HT area is about 10X14 with 7 foot ceilings. It will be open in the back and one side, and that is where my problem lies, I think. I will only have a relatively narrow column to hang the left front and left surround to, which, I think, limits my options. So, I was going to order 5 Klipsch SLX speakers, because they seem narrow enough to hang on the columns. In wall is not an option obviously, but in ceiling would be. I have found the SLX's for about $130 delivered each. My budget for speakers and sub is about $1500. And I was thinking a good receiver would cost me about $500-$700 (any suggestions). I could go a bit higher. So, I would appreciate suggestions for any alternatives, and for subs, and even for matching recevier.
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Have you considered Bose? Yes, I'm kidding...
Interesting..........the Klipsch website does not list these speakers, the SLX models. I did see them on the Best Buy site and Overstock has them for $289 each.

Have you heard them? If yes and you like them, then thats great because that leaves you with $850 for a subwoofer. You can buy a damn nice sub for $850. A Epik Caliber for $700 + shipping
or a SVS SB12-plus for $750 + shipping
or a SVS PB12-NSD for $600
or the top of the line subs from Hsu or Outlaw.
and many others out there.

Search the subwoofer forum for best subs for $800 (or something like that).
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I considered the SLX's for my family room, because they are on-wall. A friend of mine went ahead and bought them, and I decided to wait, he found them at $200.00 ea. at local Klipsch dealer. He hates them, and is going to list them on Ebay to get something else. When I first heard them I found them extremely annoying, that is why I decided to wait. At $140.00 they might seem like a good buy, but be careful, as you might not like them and it will cost you more to upgrade.

In my case, I finally decided to go with PSB Image Series, due to many reasons (price, quality, reviews, SQ, better extension than on-walls, etc.), and I am extremely happy with my decision.

But, I can understand the reasons why people like on-walls (convenience, looks, WAF, space, etc.). Here is a list of on-walls with reasonable prices that I considered and audition (listed on order of preference):

Paradigm Cinema 220 and 330: I really liked the 330's they sound really nice for music and HT, and probably offer the closest sound to towers or bookshelves in their price range; obviously you need a sub to complement them. The 220's even though don''t have the extension of the 330's, they sound very good, and 20 times better than the SLX.

Monitor Audio R180 and R225: Very pretty, different finishes available that will please the wife, nice laid back sound with detailed mids; maybe better than Paradigm for music, but you get them mainly for HT, so I liked Paradigm's being more dynamic. MA's have a more refined sound, more neutral. Also, a sub is needed.

Energy: Don't remember their series name, but where too forward for my taste. Still they sounded nice and might provide that extra dynamics that some people desire for movies. The dealer had ruined the experience for me as he made me listen to Vienna Acoustics on-walls prior to the Energy on-wall.

Klipsch RVX-42: Much better sounding than the SLX. If you like Klipsch's signature sound (extremely detailed with loud highs) the RVX delivers as an on-wall. The SLX cannot even get close to the RVX. Prices I have seen in the States are too high for this, so shop around; maybe the same people that have those SLX at such an inexpensive price can sell the RVX at a reasonable price. RVX are not worth the $350 to $400 price being asked in the States. Here in Puerto Rico a dealer has them in stock at $279.00 ea.

Athena WS: Didn't care for them.

I also auditioned offerings by Vienna Acoustics (awesome on-wall speaker), Boston P-Series, Martin Logan, and Def Tech...All at almost twice the price of the ones mentioned previously, but all much better. Vienna and Martin come the closest to floorstanders.

Be advised that for on-wall a sub is obligatory, as it is what gives them that full range sound.
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Thanks so much for your replies.

I have not heard the SLX's, and don't know where to find them locally. I had been using a Sony HTIB that I got when I lived in my apartment, but now with the house I don't have to worry about disturbing the people next door or beneath me!
.....so, I think anything would sound good, at first, and then I might not like it.

I saw the speakers on Vanns.com and thought they looked impressive, but since I couldn't hear them, I wanted to get some opinions, and I very much appreciate the comments.

I have also looked at the deftech 1000+ series. Any thoughts on it?

I wish I had the space for towers, but really the on-walls are probably right at the edge, and will be a challenge to mount on the column covered support poles.
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Anybody have recomendations on the Paradigms? Forum sponsors preferred. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Morley Dotes /forum/post/12804577

Anybody have recomendations on the Paradigms? Forum sponsors preferred. Thanks!

See my previous post (#5)...
Hi PR, thanks, sorry, what I should have asked was, if anyone had any recommendations on where to hear them/buy them. I would rather buy from a forum sponsor, if possible. Your information was EXTREMELY helpful! Thanks.
No problem! Paradigm is found at B&M stores, don't know of any forum sponsors that might have them. Don't know where you live, but go to their dealer finder in their website. Paradigm is very popular, so the chance that there is a store near you, or in a large city close to you, is very good.
Thanks PR! I will check it out. I am off to the sub forum to get some ideas.


Paradigm Dealer in your area:






Monitor Audio Dealer in your area:

Kevro International Inc

[email protected]

Kevro is the rep, but they can tell you who carries MA Radius in your area.

Regarding sub, Paradigm is a good sub, and the Cinema comes with one in a package, or you can buy individual pieces. In the sub area you are going to hear the same...Try ED, SVS, HSU, Velodyne, or Dayton. I personally ordered an ED A3-300, but after two weeks waiting on a shipping date cancelled, and just ordered an HSU VTF2-MK3.
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PR, MANY thanks my friend! I am looking forward to trying them out.
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