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I am building a new house, and have been researching speakers for inwall installation, with all of the wiring, zone controllers, servers, etc. to go with it.

Speakers are perhaps the hardest to research, in part because different component parts produce different kinds of sound. Dealers carry a limited range of manufacturers, so it is difficult to listen to competing speakers side by side.

So here is my question: Assuming two speakers have most of their parts sourced from the same supplier, just how how important is the rest of the package? Build, crossover circuits, etc.?

I am looking at Martin Logan Voyage inwall speakers, and see the tweeter and midrange are made by BG. I like the sound of the electrostats and thin film tweeters and midranges.

On the one hand, one could say with the same components the sound should be the same.

On the other hand, Martin Logan has a relatively new crossover circuit, and I've heard the same speakers using both the older and newer circuit and the newer one beats the old hands down.

So ... I'd be interested in any opinions on just what to look for in decisions between BG and Martin Logan, or in suggestions on other thin film component speakers for inwall installation.

Thanks in advance

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A chain is as strong as it's weakest link. I can think of a small brand of speakers (not ever mentioned in this forum) that uses premium drivers in awful, flimsy, garage enclosures, surface mounted to the baffle with wood screws, with cheap crossovers, and they sound very ordinary. You must start with good drivers, appropriately selected for the product, and have a proper crossover, and a stout, acoustically-dead enclosure. Quality cannot be excluded anywhere in a good product.

That said, the brands you are looking at are both excellent, if you prefer that particular sound, and you can't go wrong with either.
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