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I am just about to pull the trigger on a Yamaha RX-V659 to replace an ailing 10 year old Sony AVR. I currently have the following speakers:

Front - RT800

Center - CS275

Sub - PSW150

Rear - Polk Bookshelf (don't have model #'s)

I am considering a speaker upgrade to go along with the AVR upgrade. I have about ~$1000 to spend (including the AVR), so after AVR, I have ~$550 left. I think staying in the polk family is a smart play from a value perspective as well as keeping the sound quality and characteristics of the speakers matched. Maybe, one day when I am filthy stinking rich or have no fear of bankruptcy, I will upgrade the whole set at once to something like B&W, but until then, polk it is.

I have been very happy with the performance of the RT800's and I understand that they are very good speakers and easy to drive. No action required here.

I have always had to add about 7dB of uplift to the center channel, but I am not sure if this is a function of the AVR or the speaker. Therefore, I am considering upgrading the center speaker along with the AVR from the CS275 to a CSi5.

1.) Is this a good play?

2). Do you think I will notice clearer vocals and more evenly matched sound to the RT800's?

3.) Does the sub need more help than the center? I have been fairly happy with the sub, but open to new ideas.

I am 75/25 Movies/Music. Your thoughts are appreciated.


Sony STR-DE915 Receiver (soon to be Yamaha RX-V659)

Philips 42" HDTV Plasma (42PF7320A/37)

Sony DVP-NS70H Upsignal DVD Player

-Video = HDMI connect to TV

-Audio = Optical to Receiver

DirectTV HR20-700 HD DVR

-Video = Component to TV -Audio = Optical to Receiver

Front - Polk Audio 2 x RT800

Center - Polk Audio 1 x CS275

Sub - Polk Audio 1 x PSW150

Rear - Polk Audio 2 x 100w Bookshelf (Don't have model#)

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Mark" I have the RT400s and a cs245i and it makes a good combo as well as fx300i so staying with the polks is a very good idea since Yamaha and polks match very well

and my htr5790 makes mine sing like angels so yes you are on the right track,

Here on the link below is the chart to match your speakers with.

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