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Speaker Layout Question with Pic

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Hello --

Its been awhile since I've been on here. Amazed at the traffic this site gets. Over 2million posts since my last visit!! LOL


I just moved to a new apartment, and was wondering what the optimal setup was for my speakers. I have wall mounts that I could install, but Im not sure its going to do me any good, considering the akwardness of my room layout. So I am open to speaker stands, or a combo of both if that is best.

The thin black line in this pic are the walls that I could drill into. I think I am ok with the sub placement.. I just need to figure the best LCR and surround positions. I would say I spend most sitting time laying down on the couch.


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Originally Posted by dusty
I just need to figure the best LCR and surround positions.
Since you have more wall behind your couch I would wall-mount rear-surrounds, as wide apart as possible. I prefer wall-mounting rears as I've found it saves space, and less messy. Then I would use two floorstanders as front mains on either side of your TV, with a center speaker positioned below, or on top of, TV. You can place a sub on the outside of either front speaker.
Thanks WestCoastD! I suppose that does make the most sense. What is the best way to mount the center channel on top of the TV? Its a 27" Sony Wega..
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