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Speaker mounting help (holes, big holes! now with pics)

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To make a long story short, I'm currently building a new house and want to mount some speakers on the wall. The builder put "in-wall speaker wiring" in. But here's the problem: He used electrical boxes to route it through (those blue plastic boxes from Lowes etc).

Whey they put the dry wall up, they naturally cut around the boxes. The result is that I have holes in my drywall that no speaker mount can cover. (the hole will show, see pic below!)

This means I will need to place a blank wall plate over the holes, then mount the speaker bracket either below the plate or above it. Is this the best way to do this? The ideal way would be to buy a blank plate, cover up the hole, then mount the bracket to the plate. But can the plate hold a 6lb speaker?

I'm looking for the best (most clean looking) way to do this. I have never done this before.

Do they make speaker mounts that are big enough to cover the holes?

If anyone needs more clarity just ask. I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions!

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Well either you didnt fully explain to the Builder what size of whole you need for your speaker or you did and the Builder messed up. So therefor I'd have him fix his mistake.

You can buy coverplates to cover the boxes that have a hole in the center to run the speaker wires through. You can buy those in a variety of colors so that will make it blend in with your final wall color after you paint, etc. You can probably position your speaker mounts such that when the speaker is mounted on them, the speaker itself will be directly in front of the coverplate itself, so that from a normal viewing position you won't see the wallplate or the speaker wire running to the back of your speaker anyways. Not sure what the size of your speakers is, but you can probably mount your brackets an inch or two below each of the wallplates, have someone hold the mount in place with the speaker on it to find the optimal location.
You will need a wall plate. You can get one with a hole in it or get one like this from Parts Express . You will need to mount the speaker above, below or next to the wall plate definitely not *on* it. Maybe if you got a metal wall plate but a plastic one will not support it.

If you are going to mount the speakers over the outlets, why worry about cover plates?
great, thanks for the advice guys. Exactly what I needed.
Anothor option is to use a wallplate with speaker terminals, this is also a very clean look. I would probably use a wallplate with the center hole grommet to run the wires through, though. Speakers should be large enough to cover the wallplates from the viewing position.......unless of course you are going with BOSE cubes....... :(
Originally Posted by ttowntony
Anothor option is to use a wallplate with speaker terminals, this is also a very clean look. I would probably use a wallplate with the center hole grommet to run the wires through, though. Speakers should be large enough to cover the wallplates from the viewing position.......unless of course you are going with BOSE cubes....... :(
can you link me to an example plate? Would the speaker mount ON the plate or somewhere around it?

Will these work?


I have the same issues and was considering these back when I "thought" I wanted Bose. In my secondary HT which is in the living room, I am going to forgo wall mounts and instead use in-walls for a less obtrusive look. You may want to consider in-walls then you could just rip the junction boxes out when you cut the hole for the in-walls (I did this for my in-ceiling speakers in the den).

These mounts (get past the Monster brand name) appear to be standard wall plate size. Maybe not, I've never seen or tried them. Perhaps, there are other mounts similar and froma different company but when I was looking for the same thing as you, that is to find a mount that would cover the cut-out in the sheet rock, this was all I could find.

Good luck, maybe this will help!
Per am4966's comment...unfortunately this is a standard install for most builders because it is cheap and easy. To top it off many builders, including my builder, don't even use the electrical junction boxes. They actually make a special rectangular piece for speaker wiring that is the size of the junction box, but is made from ¼ of the materials and is not nearly as stable. The builder will not, and legally can not, leave the gaping holes. They will cover them with a blank face plate. But even with the face plate or speaker plate w/ posts, it is very unsightly.

I have surround in two rooms. I have a nice set of Definitive Technology speakers that actually have a mounting plate big enough to cover the massive hole under the plate. I am currently looking for similar mounting brackets for my Sony speakers that have a large enough base to completely fit over the plate. If any one has seen any brackets like this please let me know. The monster plate displayed above won’t work for me because the plastic piece used in my house won’t support ANY weight.

My plan B is to just mount the speaker so it “hides†the wall plate. If anyone tries this, remember the box is next to the stud. You will more than likely not be able to mount a bracket into the stud and effectively hide a wall plate.

If you are not aware they make self-drilling wall anchors. I HIGHLY recommend this type. The come in different size and each anchor will hold 10, 20, 30, even 50lbs depending on the size you buy. You can get them at any Home Depot or Lowes. These are MUCH better than the hammer in kind or the ones with old fashioned spring loaded nuts.

If anyone as any other suggestions, I know there are several of us in the same boat!
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I just found this product for anyone that has the actual electrical box that will support the speaker weight. It won't work for me because I don't have the electrical box, I have the cheaper speaker trim kit.

I am a new user so I can't post URLs yet. Hopefully you can decipher this..

Go to avmountsonline (.C0M) and look for:



Good Luck!
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Good find on the website...I like those mounts as they would seem to easily replace a blank face plate, if in fact, as you said, the junction box is stud mounted and would otherwise support the weight of your speaker.

As an additional note, I found a product (a common one) this weekend putting in an additional wall outlet. There are junction boxes (at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) that basically mount to drywall where there is no stud available or post construction. The box has a pair of "wings" that flip out and cinch/clamp down on the sheetrock when you begin to screw them in. They are pretty common and should work with the plate mounts (or any for that matter) that you linked to. I figure if an in-wall/in-ceiling speaker can hold using the same "wing" mechanics, then these boxes could surely hold a plate with a speaker as long as the speaker wasn't monstrous.

Just an idea to add to the ol' bag o' tricks!
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