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Speaker on A Budget

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Ive know you hear this quetion a lot, and Ive seen some responses, but I want something tailored more to me. Thanks in advance for your help.

I currently have an RCA scenium 65 inch television, and a Sony ES receiver.

My speakers are lacking though, I have some sort of Sony 5.1 set (SAV something or other). The speakers in my television sound better than the sony speakers I have.

I have 7 channels I need to cover over 2 or 3 holidays. Im looking at a budget of about 200 bucks per pair.

My main complaint is lack of depth in my current system. I think its due to the current speakers not having a large enough driver to create lower frequencies. I do have a separate sub that handles tha bass, but I think the satellites need a little mo umph.

On top of all that, the wife requires that the speakers not be too large.

Anyone out there care to give me some suggestions? I am looking at the Klipsch reference series. They do have some less expensive sets, but I dont want to get dissapointed. I will do a sound check before I buy. Hopefully some suggestions will keep me from messing this up!!


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$200 a pair, is going to be difficult, if yu are looking for floor standers. You may want to look into athena AS-B2s, bookshelfs which go for $200 at Best Buy.

Else, I would check the open box items every once in a while. My friend just picked up a pair of Klipsch SF-2s for $210.
How large is "too large"? I had the chance to listen to some Paradigm Atoms this weekend, and thought they sounded quite nice on their own. match these to a nice center channel and sub, and I think you'd be quite pleased. Your wife, on the other hand, may have issues with the size of these speakers.
Go with JBL's. They are widespread through many e-tailers. Meaning you will not have to worry about them being discontinued. You could get a pr. of E30's for under $150. E50's would be about $240. Make sure to get the EC35 center though. I bought mine for $169-i just saw it for 139 delivered on Fleabay.
Ok, I like the JBL idea. I do prefer a widespread system with lots of support.

Before I buy, I want to make sure Im not making any mistakes.

Im thinking the EC 35 for the center, the E 50s for the front, and E 10s for the 4 surround channels. Sound good? Im a little worried the e 10s wont be enough to keep up with the EC 35 and the E 50s up front, but only sticking out 5 inches from the wall is a strong selling point for me.


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If support is of concern try out these.....


The 'system' dosen't get much more 'widespread' than CC.

I don't have direct experience with them myself, but I own the discontinued Interludes and can vouch for the MMD driver's accuracy and beautiful presentation, particularly at that price point. But I'll let a professional writer express these sentiments....


Whatever you end up doing, good luck.
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My concern is CC has a huge mark-up for their gear as does Best Buy. The JBL's can be had for as much as %60 off their MSRP. Best Buy charges full MSRP for many of their speakers.

The E10's will work well as your surrounds. E20 would be even better but as long as they are set to small, you won't have a problem. I use the EC35 and the S38II's (big brother of the E50's) for my mains. They are fantastic together.
I don't know if this would interest you or not - BUT - there is a seller on EBay right now selling discontinued but NEW AR S40's (which receive some glowing reviews at consumer review site) for like $72.95 a pair plus $69.95 shipping. After shopping for several weeks I decided to go for these - money and bang for the bucks being the issue for me - I just order a pair.

Good Luck! Michael;)
I recommend the ec35 and e50's in th front. I think they sound great!

I would NOT recomend the e10's. I don't like the sound of them. I would recommend the e30's for surrounds. Beware that the e20's while they sound good, are rear ported, meaning they can't be placed against the wall.

I would Buy the speakers online at bestpriceaudio.com.

I second the Paradigm recommendation.

4 atoms all around and center channel shouldn't set you back more than $600 or so. Add a sub later if you like. One of their matching PDR models would be great.

I just auditioned a Athena Micra system in my house. The Paradigms smoked it.

The Micra system just felt disconnected.

If support or longevity is a concern...have no fear, Paradigm has been around quite a while and many of their speakers are on their 3rd and 4th iteration.

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Ditto on the E30s for surrounds. The provide MUCH better sq than the E10s.
If you plan on doing any multi-channel music.......DVD-A or SACD then you should consider going with the E50s for surrounds also. I run there older brothers(S-38II) all the way around with the S-CenterII up front and I don't think you can find a better set of speakers for so little $$$. Just my .02. Hope this helps :)

Here you go,everything on one page and at decent prices.
Originally posted by Gr8full
Here you go,everything on one page and at decent prices.
bestpriceaudiovideo.com prices are within a couple dollars of dea-stop, but best has better selection and more products. You should check it out.

NO shipping on JBL speakers. It's included in the price.

Ok. My wife ordered a set of E20s for surrounds. My surrounds must be placed agains the wall. Will this cause much of a problem? I know the baffle is on back on the e20s.

Be nice, she is electronically challeneged, but she tries real hard!!
This is NOT a good idea. If you need a speaker of that price level, go with the E10 or another brand.

The E 20 will NOT work up against the wall!

Ok. In the interest of not hurting her feelings, what are my options? I told her e10s, she tried to do better with the e20s. I wonder what she will do when I ask for the e50s?

Is it feasable to move the port to the side(s)?

I can put a shelf on the wall. How far from the wall does it need to be? I know bass will be affected by the distance from the wall. What Im more concerned with is the minimum distance from the wall to not interfere with the proper operation of the spealers. I could probably go up to 1 to 2 inches from the wall and still have a high WAF.
The ports can not be move reasonably. You need to keep the back of the speaker, I would think, at least 6" away from the wall.

I don't think it's a disaster, just an inconvenience.

If the speakers are on the back wall then just turn the speakers sideways on a shelf facing inwards toward the listened. This way the port isn't obstructed at all by the wall. Only case where this won't work is corner placement.
I am considering getting the EC35 and E50s for my setup. Are the E50s very large in size? I will be moving to a larger place in the summer but my dorm room is only about 14'X10'. What is the bass response like on the E50s? Would a subwoofer be necessary in such a small room?
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