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Speaker Placement Blues...Help Please!

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Hey Guys,

I just recently decided to upgrade my speaker system and receiver. I went with the Micra 6 5.1 box set, and an Onkyo SR505 Receiver.

My issue now lies in where to mount/put the surround speakers? I've only ever had 2 front speakers and a center channel.

I've drawn up something to help give you guys an idea of my room layout, and I hope I can get some solid ideas from you.

Here is my Room:

(If you see an M, it means the speaker would be mounted to the wall. Otherwise, it will be on a stand.)

On the diagram, I have placed the speaker pairs in various places around the room...basically the best ideas i've come up with. (They are color coded, so the green speakers are one possibility, and the red another, and so on).

The other issue is I often watch movies both from my comfy office chair in the center of the room, but I will also watch them from the bed. I think I have decided that since most of the time I will be watching it from the chair, I should make that my target listening center. (If I watch movies from my bed, it will most likely be late at night and I will have to keep the sound down anyway)

I know this room is FAR from ideal, but it's what I have to work with for now, until I move out.

Anyway, ATM, I'm leaning towards the blue speaker placement, since I know the surround speakers are supposed to be on the sides, and perhaps a "bit" behind you. ( I know now from lurking on these forums that having the speakers directly behind you is not ideal, at least in a 5.1 setup) They would be on stands that I build, each about 42" high (right at ear level when I'm sitting in my chair) and I think would provide the most even sounding surround.

Let me know what you think.


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Well, why dont you mix and match a little between your placements? Say, use red right and blue left, and then just set the distances in the receiver and levels to even out the sound due the the different distantness. Then you'll still have SS in bed (though it will sound a little funny).
Sigh....Well, Now I've got an additional problem. The Stands I made arent very stable. Any ideas on making them stable? Carpet spikes? Weights towards the bottom?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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