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I m running a 7.1 setup for some time now with the B&W 705 (x6) and one HTM7 center. My currunt receiver is the Denon 4308 and I have the Marantz AV8003/MM8003 combo on pre-order. Before the 4308 I always owned Denons. Denon states in their manual that it is best to place the 2 surround back speakers as close as possible near each other so I did this. My 2 surround speakers are placed 135 degrees. I ve always thought this was the best setup but lately I beginning to doubt this setup cause of some comments about my setup of some people.

So, I m looking for a setup that suits for BOTH 5.1 material AND 7.1 material. (I don t want to matrix 5.1 material to 7.1, only real 7.1 material will be played 7.1 in my system). The Dolby site states 90-110 degree for the surround speakers and 135-150 degrees for the surround back speakers.

First thing I would like to know is the position of the surround back speakers, is it correct to place them like the Dolby site states and not as in my current setup on a 180 degree position and as close as possible to each other? Also, IF they need to be placed not near each other, what is the recommended distance between them?

Than there are the surround speakers. They will be used the most in my setup since there still is 95% 5.1 material. What about these? Is the 90-100 degree recommendation on the dolby site the best to pick? Because I m reading a recommandation in this topic of 120 degree. But picking 120 degree lets the surround speakers come closer (too close?) to the surround back speakers.

So eventually I m looking for the ideal position of 7 speakers (in particular the 4 back speakers) when I want to play:

5.1 material in 5.1

7.1 material in 7.1

standard def. material and HD material

thanks for all help and sorry for my bad English.

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