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hoping for a bit of advice on speaker positioning for my cafe... the image on the left shows the current setup (red circles are speakers, curved red line indicates speaker aim) which was based on the "old dining area" (highlighted in green) being used for diners. but now that the "old dining area" has been converted into "service area" (image on the right), i'm thinking i want to move the speakers shown on the left side of the images closer to the diners - i'm also thinking the addition of two more speakers (green circles in the second image) might add to the sound experience as well, a total of 6 speakers (is that overkill?). a few notes:

- the numbers in the images indicate feet, i.e. room dimension.
- the cafe floor and walls are concrete
- the ceiling is 15-20 feet high and the current speakers were installed near the top, at about 18 feet high.
- the speakers i have in mind are definitive technology aw-6500's


any advice would be greatly appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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