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Hello All,


I am in the early stages of planning my basement home theater an am working the framing plan.   My room will be roughly 17.5 ft wide x 26 ft long x ~ 8'8" 'tall' (although not a rectangle, so this is an 'average' length) .  With soffit, risers, stage, etc., I am guessing in the range of 3500 - 4000 cubic feet.


I am thinking (with encouragement from my wife) that I want In Wall speakers for my 7.xx audio.  I am planning on using an acoustically transparent screen, and want two rows of theater chairs & a 3rd row 'bar' type thing.  So, having 18"+ deep speakers in the front behind the screen 'pushes' everything 'back', constraining space more than I would like.  This also likely allows me to avoid 'columns' in my theater or at least 'deep' columns (save width, partly aesthetic preference).


So, my current plans are to get one of two sets of speakers...

- Klipsch:  3 KL-7800 for Front L/C/R; 4 KS-7800 for Surround/Rear L/R

- Definitive Technologies: 3 UIW RLS II for front L/C/R; 4 UIW RSS II for Surround/Rear L/R


The Klipsch option would run me about $2,900 and the Definitive Technologies about $2,600, so ball park similar range in cost. Listening will likely be 95%+ for Home Theater.   


I haven't decided on Sub's yet, but am leaning against the 'in wall' options for Subs.   For simplicity, let's say the decision above does not impact my decision on a Sub(s) (i.e., buying Klipsch wouldn't make me spend $300 less on a sub).


I am not overly knowledgeable in this area, so, if there is a hey for $2,500-$3,000 for 7 speakers, you really need to consider Widget Companies Super Widget line of speakers, I am open to that as well.  And if there is a 'wow, you REALLY need to do 9.x or 11.x), now is probably the time for me to hear it.


Thanks in advance for your perspective.


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