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Living in Canada my speaker selections are limited. I've owned Polk Rti and LsiM speakers, Klipsch Rf 82's, and just sold my Def Tech Mythos ST's. I'm looking for some speaker recommendations in the $2500 range just for the front speakers. The centre and surrounds will follow suit. Definitely want towers for the fronts. Do 50/50 on movies and music.

Will be driving them with a Onkyo per amp and 200 watt per channel x5 amp.

The speakers will find there place in our new home currently being built and will have a dedicated theatre room, sound proofed and all( 13'6 x 29' x 8'8 high.

I have had a look at Axiom (M80), SVS ultra towers which seemed nice but has mixed reviews.

Any help would be appreciative.

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A dedicated theater room? I would be looking at some speakers with real dynamic range. I would go for some Pi Fours with the upgraded drivers or some JTR Noesis 228HT s. Those will get you some honest to god THX Reference levels. No full range tower speaker with a conventional tweeter is going to be able to do that, or even get close. The only problem is these speakers will need a real subwoofer to keep up with them, and a serious sub isn't going to be cheap (unless you can DIY). But if you are getting a dedicated room, you should be getting a serious subwoofer system anyway. Another speaker to look at, however a chunk over your budget, is the JBL LSR6332 speakers- those are high output reference monitors that studios use to create their soundtracks. As such, they are very high performers with a THX pm3 certification, which is not an easy standard of performance to achieve. A tremendously good value for 1600 each.

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I would also recommend looking as SVS as they make great products. Another two speakers I would look at are NHT and PSB. They both make great speakers at good prices. PSB's are made in Canada.

NHT Fours:



System type - Tower speaker (left side)

Configuration - 4-way hybrid acoustic suspension /bass reflex

Woofer – 1 x 10"" anodized aluminum cone woofer

Lower Midrange - 1 x 6.5" anodized aluminum cone, long throw design

Midrange - 2” anodized aluminum dome midrange

Tweeter - ¾” anodized aluminum dome tweeter

Cabinet Material - 30mm MDF front baffle, 25mm bottom, all others and internal braces 18mm

Power Handling - 250W

Frequency Response - 27Hz-20kHz.

Crossover Frequency - 125 Hz, 800 Hz, 3.2kHz

Crossover Slopes - 12dB LP, 12dB HP 12dB LP, 12dB HP, 18dB LP, 18dB HP.

Sensitivity - 86dB

Impedance - 6 ohms nominal

Inputs – 4 each nickel plated 5-way binding posts with “jumper” straps for b-amp/bi-wire

Dimensions - 41"H x 7.5"W (13.5" W to outside of edge of base) x 16"D

Weight - 64.3 lbs/29.2 each

Shipping weight - 80 lbs./36.3 kg each

Finish - Piano high gloss black multi-coat painted finish with 2 acrylic clear coats

Sold - individually as a left or right speaker




Enclosure Bass Reflex

Finish Lacquer

Color Gloss Black

Tweeter Dome

Tweeter Size (inches) 1

Midrange Size (inches) ---

Woofer Size (inches) 5.25

Woofer Composition Ceramic/Poly

Woofer Surround Rubber

Built-in Powered Sub No

Video-Shielded Yes

Connector Type Post

Bi-amp Inputs Yes

Parts Warranty 5 Years

Labor Warranty 5 Years


Power Range 20-200

Frequency Response 38-23k Hz

Sensitivity 90 dB

Impedance (Ohms) 4

Amplifier Power ---

Height (inches) 37-1/8

Width (inches) 7-1/2

Depth (inches) 13-3/4

Weight 40.6 lbs
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