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speaker resistance

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Can you mix speakers of different resistances in a 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 setup?

For example can the fronts, and surrounds be 8 ohms, and the center be 6 ohms?
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That generally signifies, though, that the center does not match the mains. Optimally you want a close match.

There will likely be an issue with loudness, but that will be adjustable in the receiver setup menu.
I was looking at the Epic 80 home theater bundle from Axiom;

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The front speakers are 4 ohms, and the center and surrounds are 6, and the subwoofer is 8.
The only thing to be "concerned" about is whether your reciever (or amplifier) can drive 4 Ohm speakers reliably. Some recievers flat out say in the manual that they won't do it. Others have a switch in the back that has to be flipped to the 4 Ohm setting. This lowers the internal rail voltage and is indicative of a low current amplifier.

Other amplifiers will work with 4 Ohm speakers, but won't sound quite as punchy and will eventually shut themselves off if you push the volume too high.

In the early 90s when I sold gear, Onkyo and Boston Accoustics were two brands that we carried and loved; just not together. BA speakers were kind of a "difficult load". Onkyos were (and are) great bang for the buck, but they didn't like 4 Ohm loads. When we connected the bigger BA speakers (with larger woofers) to even our top end Onkyo recievers and ampifiers and turned the volume to high levels, the current protection would kick in and shut down the amp.

Anyway, that's all I would be concerned with in terms of the ratings. Otherwise, make sure you like the sound of the speakers before you buy them; that's the really important part.

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I can set my receiver to either 8 or 6 ohms. (Yamaha RX-V1500)

So do I set the receiver to match the lowest Ohm speaker? With this receiver I would probably not get the 4 ohm speakers, but I have thought of a combination of 6 and 8.
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