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B&W 600 series replacement - speaker advise

Hello All,

I just got my basement done. In my old set up I had B&W 600 series for LCR and surround and SVS PB12 sub. In the new home, I plan to go with in-ceiling for the L/R surround. I was hoping I could continue using the B&W 600 series for LCR but it looks too boxy and does not go well with the home design. Moreover if I retain 600 series for LCR, the max projector screen I can go is 100 inches but if I go with something thinner speakers, I could go upto 106 inches (screen innovation zero edge)

I've been trying to search for small foot print speakers and the best I could find is golden ear super cinema 3d array. That would perfectly fit in the ledge (100 inches wide) that is just below the projector screen wall. I know the soundbars will not equate to bookshelf speakers but what do you guys think of GE? What would I be compromising if I go with this? Any other small foot print speaker recommendations for LCR?

Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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