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Hi everyone -

I am setting up an in home system. I am a bit of a novice. I am using a Pioneer Elite VSX-52 and intend to run (a) 5.1 direct from the unit and (b) a total of 4 Polk 8-ohm speakers as a "zone 2."

After using the 5.1, the Pioneer still has 2 channels @ 110W @ 8 ohms, to power the 4 speakers in zone 2. Each pair of the speakers is run through a Niles in wall volume control with impedance matching.

Where I get confused is with choosing between a "speaker selector" or "speaker connecting block."

Most of the Niles Speaker Selectors seem to require an Amp/AVR capable of 4ohms... and the Pioneer isn't... but then, if the in-wall volume control is capable of impedance matching, does is matter? However, all of the Niles Speaker Selectors w/ volume control are impedance matching... but that seems redundant since I have in-wall controls...

Can anyone give me some guidance on what I need (between the Pioneer with 2 remaining channels @ 110W and the In-wall Volume Controls, which each control 2 speakers?


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