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When setting up a multi-room audio system, can impedance matching volume controls in each room be combined with a central speaker selector to separately switch on outdoor speakers?

I am setting up multi-room audio with an HK 3490 receiver (120 watts/channel x 2; 8 ohm impedance). Inside the house, I want to simultaneously power up to 4 pairs of speakers (e.g. 20 watts nominal; 8 ohm; 90 dB sensitivity).

In addition, I want to use the same receiver to occasionally drive a set of power-hungry outdoor speakers (e.g. 200 watts peak; 4/8 ohms; 92 dB sensitivity), although I'd be happy to turn off all the speakers inside the house when I turn these speakers on.

To control the volume of speakers in each room inside the house, I will install impedance matching volume controls in each room. But this will reduce the power available to each speaker.

To provide full power to the outdoor speakers, couldn't I use a central speaker selector as follows:

a) connect all the in-house speakers through a connecting block to one of the speaker outputs of a speaker selector; and

b) connect the outdoor speaker to a separate speaker output of the speaker selector?
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