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Just did my audyssey set up and here is how it looks:

Subwoofer: Yes

Front: Full Band

Center: Full Band

Surround: Full Band

LPF of LFE: 120hz

Double Bass: On

Tone Contol:

Bass: 0

Treble: 0


Multiplex Input CH: Main

Mono Input CH: L+R

PLIIx Music (2ch input)

Panorama- off

Dimension- 0

Center Width: 3

Neo: 6 Music

Center Image: 2

Dobly EX: Auto

Theater- DImensional

Listening Angle: Wide

SP Level:

Left: +7

Center: +6

Right: +7

Surr Right: 0

Surr Left: -2.0

Subwoofer: -15

HDMI Monitor- Yes

SPeaker Type: Normal

HDMI Audio Out: off

Lip Sync: Disable

xvycc: Disable

Front Speakers: Sony SS- MF550H

Center: Polk CSI3

Subwoofer: Pioneer- SFCRW240B-S

Surrounds- Polk M10

Are these the correct settings that I should be using? I would appreciate help at all

Onkyo 605


Samsung LN52A650

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