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I've just been using two spare tables for my speakers so far but I want to just get a stand without spending a ton of money. I was looking at a used Paradigm S30 which is just under 30". 


My question is, what height should the speakers be at? I've read the tweeters should be at ear level which is what I am aiming for here. This may be just slightly above my ear level whereas my old tables were  a few inches below ear level. 


My main concern here however is that the speakers are much larger than the stands platform. I assume it shouldn't be a problem though? I do plan on sticky tacking or velcroing them together. If a smaller platform isn't a problem I will try to buy these because they are only $70 bucks. My concern is that the dimensions may be too different since the Imagine B is 7 1/2" by 12" whereas the stands platform is only 5 1/2"... So a lot is going to  be sticking out. If these don't work, any other recommendations for low cost stands?




Also, I've been playing around with positioning in general and have a few questions regarding optimizing imaging. There are two things I read regarding speaker placements that I found to be false in my situation:


1) Have the speaker center directed at the listening position. - It sounded very odd when I did this and now I have them aimed just wider than my shoulders. I find the imaging and general sound quality to be a lot better than when they were directly facing me.


2) Surround speakers should be 3 feet higher. - I bought pretty tall stands for this and I guess this advice was probably missing something? Does it only work if the speakers are tilted down towards you? Because all thats happening is that they become really weak and have really poor imaging. I now have them set to ear level and they sound worlds better.
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