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Without telling a long story, I was able to afford/convice the wife of a simple 5.1 setup when a colleague gave me a pair of JBL Northridge e50s. I added used/discount: JBL e35 and a pair of Cambridge Audio minx min 10s as surrounds. I already had the Slim form factor yamaha sub.

We are moving into a much bigger space (19x24) and I have the opportunity to start building out the home theater. I'm not in a position to buy more hardware but furniture is on the table. I just picked up a a kanto mesa 64 from woot.com...

I'd like to move the JBL e50s to speaker stands to get better separation, etc. They are meant to be horizontally mounted and I am having a hard time finding budget (or ebay used budget) speaker stands) that could accomodate them. I'm considering the monoprice stands.

Any other suggestions? I'm handy, I could build my own, but I'm in a very limited time window to get this done.

Thanks!! - Dave
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