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Speaker Test Tone Source

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When using an SPL meter to set db levels on speakers, what is the best pink noise source:

Tone from my NAD 753 receiver?

Tone from my Sony 975 DVD player?

Tone from Avia AV calibration disc?

My thought is to use the Avia tones adjusted using the receiver controls, with the DVD settings all at zero. To me it makes sense to use the Avia DVD as the test source, as it is the lowest common denominator in the chain.

The biggest difference between Avia and receiver tones is the Subwoofer adjustment. The correct Avia adjustment is a full 5 db LOWER than the receiver tone.

Does this make sense, and am I on the right path?


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I use my receivers tones since all audio runs through it.
I have a CD someplace with a bunch of test signals on it, mostly band limited pink noise.

Subwoofer you gotta just set to where ya like it.
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