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I am in the process of upgrading the HT system and would like some input. I think I spent to much to balance out the rest. I am keeping some componants but others are very questionable. I want to keep my B&W DM604's since I love the sound. Also to stay is the SVS ultra pb12 sub older but still perfect. The first part of my upgrade is a new receiver. I went with the Integra DTR 80.2. I have an older M&K center channel that seems to be ok so I would like to keep it. The problem is the rest of the speakers. I am presently using some very old speakers that have had better days. The side speakers are very old Design Accustic PS-10a's The cones are shot which is unfortunate. These were great in their day. The rears are not as old JBL L80T's. I am having the same issue with these. The woofer cones are falling apart. Are the surrounds worth saving/ can they be fixed to their great past sound? If not I am open to ideas for their replacements. Sadly I spent more than I was planning with the receiver.

My listening is across the board. I listen to rock like Pink Floyd to classical all depends on the mood. I have the PS3 for bluray and a 3d Mitsubishi DLP TV for my movies. I love my action movies loud. I want to experience the movie not just watch it. I do not like speakers that tend to be bright. To much on the high side bothers me for some reason. I have been looking at the Chase Home Theatre WF series and the Emotiva ERD-1's for my sides. The problem is I know nothing about them. I have seen some articles that say the emotiva line really prefers their own amps but I would like to think that the amp in the 80.2 has enough guts to run them. If any one has ideas please let me know. I would like to limit myself to about the $1400 range for the four speakers. The room that the system is 20x22

I am also open to ideas about the center since after reading some other peoples speaker comments am not convinced this is the right speaker for me. I have to have the center up about +7 db's higher than the other speakers to hear center audio clearly.
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