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After getting years of use out of my Onkyo tx-sr674 I have decided to upgrade to the 709, for many reasons but mainly for the multeq xt and THX cert., and wanted some speaker suggestions for my needs.

I currently have two JBL E80 fronts and a EC35 center speakers and a pair of non-descript old speakers for rear surround (I live in NYC and the size of my old apt made placing surrounds difficult) as well as a new HSU sub that Im not upgrading. I was thinking of upgrading to the JBL ES80s and center and surround equivalents and then get dipole/bipole back surround speakers.

My living room now is 18 ft front to end and 20 ft side to side with some exceptions (back right section indents about 5x5 and there is an open kitchen that extends beyond the 20 ft in top right half). My couch is smack dab in the middle of the living room and all speakers can be spaced equidistant from each other (I keep my sub behind my couch and Buttkicker I sometimes use for games and certain movies).

I dont need very powerful speakers because of the size of the living room (also have 10 ft ceilings) and kind of want to stay in the price range of no more than the ES80. The most important thing for me is surround sound quality for films, with music as a secondary desire.

What group of speakers can be recommended for my needs?

Thanks for any help.
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