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I have had this set and been happy for a few years. Recently I thought I noticed some sound distortion from the speakers. I am noticing it more and more. The set is not turned up very loud either. It does not always occur on thesame channel. If I tivo, find a scene that vibrates then rewind and play scene again thru external speakers its fine. (No, I do not consider a solution to always be using external speakers!)

Is this a known issue...I see complaints on the web against LG and Samsung about vibrations. Is there a fix? I think I have a 3rd part warranty...not sure its worth invoking at this point...afraid if they open the set they will make something worse....?

On the other hand, will this problem get worse on its own?....I only started noticing it a week or so ago after a few years of use. Could a software update have caused it by resetting something?

Not to panic but the other night the lower quarter of the screen became pixelated...giant pixels...breifly for a few seconds. It happened a few times that night...have not noticed it since....could that be the cable company?

Thoughts..especially on thespeaker issue...

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