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Speaker wire help - buying and running

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Hello all! I am the proud new owner of my first home. In past home audio setups i have just run the speaker wire around the top of the room to the speakers. My wife says that isn't acceptable now and I have to find a way to hide the wires if I want my surround sound. I just purchased the Onkyo HTS790 so of course I want my surround sound. Do you guys have any links to websites that simplify running speaker wire through pre-existing walls? i'm a bit puzzled on where to even begin.

my next question is where do you guys recommend getting in-wall 14 AWG speaker wire? for it to work in wall, it has to be covered correct? not just the see thru stuff like i'm used to running around the tops of rooms, correct? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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i went thru this same dilemma. from numerous searching and researching of my own, along with the vast amount of knowledge from members on this board, it seems to me the consesus is that standard 14 awg power wire from home depot, lowes, etc will do the trick!! if you choose not to go that route, check out monoprice or other online electrical supply chains. they will sell in bulk quantities.

as for running the wire, i simply stuffed it under the floor board--had to remove some sections to get it under there. this way it is out of sight, out of mind. other options are thru the ceiling, or re-doing walls. hope this helps out and good luck.

thanks for the tip...one question though- how did you get it from the floor to the speaker without the wire being seen? She wants very little, if any, wire showing. I usually would talk my way out of it, but i kinda want it like that also. Thanks!
depending on how close your speakers are to the wall, there is really no way for all speaker wire to be hidden or out of site. i have about 3 feet showing behind the speaker, but it isnot that noticable with dark carpet. hope this helps....
some speaker stands allow you to run the wire inside of the stand straight to the speaker as well so all the wires are hidden.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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